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Custom Essay on Youth problems Major Concerns The world would definitely have us believe that the teenage years and years of youth are the happiest and the best years of our lives. However, the matter of the fact is that those years might also be the most difficult years of life as well. Youth problems are serious and plenty in number and definitely not easy to deal with. The problem is that emotions and messages and responsibilities are all a jumble where youth of today is concerned, and not only that but the fact remains that most of the questions asked at this age remain unanswered. The period of youth in a personпїЅs life means also that they leave the sheltered space that they always felt safe in, and outside of it, they are at a stage where they are about to discover independence and lead a life of maturity. There are so many different kinds of problems that the youth of today would have to face. From facing peer pressure to having to deal with strained family relationships, there are lots of problems that can never be solved and there are lots of problems that the youth have to face today that they might not be prepared to face. The world is changing and expectations from the youth are changing and this is where the problem arises. Of course, parents play an important role and should take on the responsibility of guiding and leading the youth of today in the right direction, giving them the advice that they are in need of and mostly also safeguarding them from all the responsibility that might be unnecessarily burdened on them. Parents are the ones who could on one hand provide the youth with the support they need, or cause many of the problems that they face in todays world.