Everything You Need to Know About Essay Proofreading

Guide to Essay Proofreading

It is not enough to write text and submit it to a professor or publish it online. You must perfect the grammar and syntax as well as remove any typos and filler sentences. That means you must give the text detailed proofreading.

But what if you are a nonnative English speaker or do not know all the nuances of the language? Well, in this case, you have two options: hire a professional proofreader or do the work yourself. In case you prefer to want to do it yourself, here are essay proofreading tips to keep in mind.

Essay Proofreading vs. Automation

Did you know that there are proofreading services that are automated? Students opt for the automatic service if it is free and because it is instant. However, a software is likely to miss some mistakes. Hence it does not guarantee that your work will be 100% error-free. A proofreader at a professional is more likely to deliver impressive content that makes reading it enjoyable.

So if you are wondering, can proofreading apps substitute a human proofreader? Of course not. While an app can help remove a few common or basic mistakes, you need a human to do a detailed review of your essay and catch any errors that were missed or introduced during the editing process.

An automated app might also misunderstand what you are saying and offer misleading suggestions. Subject experts know what you are trying to say and can even enhance your writing to ensure the message being communicated in the essay is easy to understand.

Why Essay Proofreading is Essential

As aforementioned, a detailed essay proofreading involves fixing spelling mistakes, formatting inconsistencies, deleting and making any significant changes that might enhance the text's readability. However, it's the last part of the writing. Hence it is best to start with editing, which involves rewriting some sections to create a good final draft. Therefore, detailed proofreading is only effective if done on the final draft.

When it comes to essays, students make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to start the writing process. This means they have to do the proofreading immediately after the writing, which increases the chances of submitting flawed content. So even if you have a tight deadline, take a break from the text so that you can see it with a fresh pair of eyes. Reading aloud is also another technique that helps to judge whether the essay has flow and is engaging.

Keep a List of your Mistake

In your academic life, you will write a lot of different essays. Some will be short, while others will cover over ten pages. Ideally, from the time you start proofreading the first few essays, you should be able to notice mistakes that keep recurring. Note them down so that when it comes to proofreading, you can ensure the errors are not present.

Stylistic inconsistencies, typos, incorrect usage of punctuations, commonly confused words, inconsistent capitalization, lack of flow, the transition from one paragraph to another, wrong formatting, and citations are some of the mistakes to watch out when doing detailed proofreading.

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