Guarantees to Expect from an Essay Proofreading Service

Exclusive Guarantees of Essay Proofreading Service

People often choose an essay proofreading service based on the guarantees they offer. A guarantee is a formal agreement that assures a client that they will get value for money when they request proofreading service. The document that needs to be reviewed will be worked on until the client is completely satisfied.

When a particular company keeps the promises they have made to a client, it builds trustworthiness and motivates them to become loyal customers.

That is why trustworthy proofreading services tend to have numerous clients from all over the world. They may also rank amongst the best or in the top three of the search of the most recommended companies. Some of the guarantees to look for in a professional essay proofreading service you want to make as your first choice are listed below.

Money-Back Guarantee

This is one of the most important assurance to look for in a proofreading service. When a company states that they will give a refund in case the work is substandard means they believe in the services they offer. They also want to make their customers happy that is why they will not hesitate to give the money back if the customer feels the editor failed to do a thorough job.

When looking at the money-back guarantee, read the policy to be sure about the duration and when to ask for it. In some cases, the proofreading company has specific rules that apply to give a full or partial refund. In case the client delays to state their complaints within particular days, they may not be eligible for a refund. So before hiring a specific essay proofreading service, ask about their money-back guarantee policy and how it works.

High-Quality Work

Paying a professional to proofread your essay means you what it to be flawless. Maybe you are a nonnative English speaker, or you might even be an excellent writer who wants their work to be given more attention. In that case, you expect the essay to have zero errors. A highly experienced editor will do a thorough review. This means they will:

  • Check grammar and typos
  • Structure and formatting
  • Arguments are clear and easy to understand
  • Transitions between paragraphs, language, and tone.

By looking at samples, you can gauge the kind of proofreading to expect from that editor.

100% Unique Work

Part of proofreading is checking whether scholarly sources have supported the arguments. The correct formatting and referencing style, as specified by the instructor, has been adhered to. Some services might charge an extra fee to include a plagiarism check. So ask in advance to be sure that the proofreading you want will meet your essay writing goals.

Timely Delivery

Some students opt to hire an expert proofreader because they have no time to check the work. In such cases, the professional you want to hire should have a record of meeting deadlines. Reading reviews can help you determine whether the expert has a fast turnaround. That way, if you want proofreading to be done within a few hours, the proofreading service should meet the deadline.

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